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Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson, BEng, MSc, CEng, FICE, FCIWEM
P.Eng (Ontario)
Technical Director

Sandra Rolfe-Dickinson, BEng, MSc, P.Eng, CEng, FICE, FCIWEM is a Chartered Civil Engineer, and a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, Canada.  She specialises in pipeline design, condition assessment, failure investigation, construction and renovation, commencing her experience in 1984. Since 1996, Sandra has specialised full-time in Pipeline Engineering. She has a strong background in the structural behaviour of pipelines and their deterioration, and is well placed to leverage these skills to optimise the lifetime of water, wastewater and stormwater linear assets.  By understanding the interplay between the internal and external loads placed on pipelines, the deterioration of the asset and the remaining life expectation, Sandra can advise clients on suitable pipeline rehabilitation options to best manage their risk profile.    


Sandra has presented papers at several international conferences, including at six of the recent ASCE Pipelines Conferences. Sandra was also Principal Investigator of a Water Research Foundation study entitled, “Non-destructive Condition Assessment Techniques for Small Diameter Pipes”, published in March 2014.

Sandra has served on both British and European standards committees for pipeline structural design, and has been an active member of the Pipeline Industries Guild, including being Chairman of the South East Branch for the year 2012-2013.  She has also served on the Seminars Committee of the Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technology in Ontario, Canada.  She is regularly called upon to judge several categories of the UKSTT Awards.

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